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We envision a world full of young entrepreneurs empowered who make things happen even in uncertain circumstances and facilitate new ideas uninhibited by doubt and fear. We picture teams working together with synergy, passion, and excitement. We want ambitious people to learn the values of servant leadership and for the world to understand the importance of gratitude.

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We are setting out to change the world, and we believe a battalion of well-trained, ambitious, motivated, and generous people will do no less. As the principles taught in GrowMEntor change individual lives, the ripples will certainly expand from there. We are proud to be on the forefront of a great movement.


GrowMEntor was born from the desires, dreams, and passions of a few individuals who care deeply about making the world a better place. It is a collection of research and experience, but more importantly, it’s an expression of the heart and soul of a leader who has already changed the lives of hundreds.
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Learn From The Business Mogul

Tarek Mohajer

online mentorship program

Passionate about growth, technology, and marketing, Tarek is an initiator, thought leader, and trail-blazer in the Calgary business community. His go-giver philosophy propels his success, and his example enlivens those around him to be more, do more, and give more. Tarek’s vision is what drives GrowMEntor forward.


Tarek’s tests of adversity, his experience in business, his journey of faith, and his continued growth and success qualify him to provide mentorship to anyone on a similar path. Tarek has never stopped chasing his dreams, and neither should you.

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